Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Quartz Ave Maria

This piece features an AM monogram centerpiece (Ave Maria) and a dove link, both bronze recasts of antique medals.  I used 4mm and 6mm snow quartz beads, the smaller of which display a distinct frosty sparkle.  Unfortunately the camera neglected to observe the finer details.  All findings are Vintaj brass.  The necklace is 16" long, and comes with matching snow quartz earrings and bracelet.  Both necklace and bracelet come with extension chains.


"Snow quartz is just that: quartz that looks pure and fresh as snow. Its cloudy, opaque look comes from microscopic inclusions that were incased in the crystal when it first began growing. Quartz is the most common mineral on earth, and white is its second most common color. But there's nothing common about the beauty and versatility of snow quartz beads. Gold prospectors know of its value. When they go out prospecting for gold, they keep their eyes peeled for snow quartz, because the gold they want is so often attached to it."  (Fire Mountain Gems and Beads)

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